Existing Drug May Treat Colitis

According to recent research conducted at the University of Alberta, a drug that is currently used to treat patients suffering from leukemia has shown signs of reversing colitis symptoms. Shairaz Baksh, researcher at Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry said, “the treatment reversed the symptoms of colitis, we are on the cusp of a new treatment for this condition that affects 150,000 Canadians. We are pretty excited about the impact of this finding.” Researchers will continue to work on the new findings while also experimenting with other drugs to find a cure for colitis. More here

Study Finds That Dance May Help Parkinson’s Patients

According to a new study, dance may help the body in unexpected ways. The movement of dance is considered to help improve motor skills for people suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Researchers suggest that dance may help the brain find new paths around damaged cells. Doctors say that if you are unable to physically dance, that listening to music while visualizing yourself dancing may have the same beneficial effect. More here

11 Additional Genes Linked To Alzheimer’s Disease

According to a new study published by Medical News Today, researchers have found certain genes that may increase one’s chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. The study has found an additional 11 genes that are linked to the neurodegenerative disease making the total number of genes linked to Alzheimer’s jump to 21. Researcher Julie Williams said, “by combining the expertise and resources of geneticists across the globe, we have been able to overcome our natural competitive instincts to achieve a real breakthrough in identifying the genetic architecture that significantly contributes to our mapping of the disease.” More here

Many Experts Approve Reverse Mortgage Changes

As the reverse mortgage rules have changed, many older Americans are unsure of what the changes actually mean. The program was initially intended to help senior homeowners keep their homes by turning their mortgages into usable money, although the strategy seemed to backfire for many who used the program improperly. The new rule changes made to the reverse mortgage program will help seniors regulate their up-front and accessible principle through the life of the mortgage. Senior homeowners can now draw more money from a reverse mortgage than available in the past, but over a lengthier amount of time. The changes may seem more complicated for many, but experts say that this change is good and will help many seniors financially over time. More here

More Older Americans Preparing For Retirement

According to a team of insurance organizations who have devoted a study specifically focused on retirement trends, many Americans who are 55 and older will have approximately $22 trillion in assets by the year 2020; this amount has increased $10 trillion since 2010. Research has shown that many older Americans are not entirely prepared financially for their retirement years, although studies suggest that more and more older Americans are striving to become more prepared for future costs. Bob Kerzner, CEO of the 2013 LIMRA Annual Conference said, “while there has been much debate on what is causing this lack of preparedness, I think we can all agree that getting better understanding on the fundamental issues undermining Americans’ financial security in the hands of decision makers is critical and would help certainly move us in the right direction.” More here

Flu Vaccination May Offer Protection Against Cardiovascular Events

A new study has found that flu shots may offer additional perks for many senior citizens. The study states that influenza vaccinations may offer protection against adverse cardiovascular problems such as stroke, heart failure, heart attack and more. Hundreds of Americans die from cardiovascular events each year. Doctors are now calling the influenza vaccination an additional way seniors can protect themselves against such events. University of Toronto’s Jacob A. Udell, M.D., M.P.H., F.R.C.P.C. said, “while preventative care involves lifestyle changes and taking your pills, now, we may also be able to tell patients by getting your flu shot, it might save your life – what a simple and significant way to reduce deaths and the burden on our healthcare system.” More here#img1#

Scientists Make New Headway With Regenerative Medicine

Medical scientists at Stanford University have found a way to use fat cells extracted from liposuction as a way to create liver cells. Liver failure claims thousands of lives every year making the procedure both significant and hopeful for many Americans. Scientists believe this is a much safer procedure than alternative procedures being used today such as using stem cells. It is not yet usable for patients now, but experts expect it to be ready in approximately two to three years. More here

Doctors Not Expected To Limit Accepted Medicaid Patients

A new study has suggested that, under the Affordable Care Act, physicians will not be limiting the amount of Medicaid patients they treat. Although, the study does state that many physicians will not be as welcoming to patients who are uninsured. Medicare will expand in 2014 adding many individuals who were previously uninsured, helping them to receive necessary health care. Data gathered from the study suggests that Medicaid coverage changes are not expected to negatively affect the amount of new Medicaid patients accepted. More here

Many Baby Boomers Looking To Downsize

New research has found that baby boomers left with empty nests are much more likely to provide their children with financial aid than to invite them back into their homes. The study suggests that boomers are happy with their empty nests, and many are looking to downsize their homes. The vice president of brand marketing for Del Webb, Fred Ehle said, “Once kids leave the home, parents take a close look at their home and often find their large home no longer fits their new lifestyle. Do they need all this space?  Do they want to maintain the large yard?  So, they think about downsizing or moving to a new area.” More here

Officials Urging Seniors To Review Medicare Policies

On Tuesday, Medicare’s seven-week enrollment will open, and experts are suggesting that seniors take a closer look at their coverage options instead of staying with their current plan. Next year, monthly premiums may experience significant changes, certain plans will not be available to new members and coverage gaps are expected to decrease. Medicare officials are encouraging seniors to review their policies and changes to the program to ensure the best care possible, as policies can change every year. More here