BMI May Increase Health Care Costs

A new report released by Duke Medicine researchers have found that people who are considered overweight are more likely to have expensive healthcare. The study found that every unit increase in a person’s body mass index (BMI) past the age of 19 causes drug and medical care expenses to jump. A healthy body mass index is anywhere from 19 to 24 while an unhealthy body mass index is anywhere from 25 and up. More here

High Blood Pressure Percentages In Southeast Worries Experts

A new study states that one third of adults in the U.S. have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, with over half of that number residing in the southeastern United States. High blood pressure carries many serious risks such as cardiovascular disease, and experts say that not enough effort is being made to reverse the problem. High blood pressure causes approximately 7.5 million deaths in the world every year. More here

Study Finds Growing Baby Boomer Population In Many Desirable Cities

A new study has found that some locations may be more desirable than others for baby boomers to live. The study uncovered many factors that play a role in where seniors want to live, such as health care access and climate. Raleigh, NC, Austin, TX, and San Antonio all topped the list for more desirable, and affordable locations for baby boomers to live. The authors of the study said, “to determine America’s Baby Boomer Boom Towns, we analyzed not just Boomer population growth for the country’s 100 most populated metro areas, but also per-capita growth in gross domestic product (GDP), per-capita personal income growth, housing affordability and number of health care workers per capita.” More here

New Drug May Slow Aging

According to a new study, a drug has been created that may help slow the process of muscular aging. The study was conducted at Harvard Medical School, and found that putting a chemical easily converted into NAD in the body could possibly slow the effects of aging in muscles. The study was conducted on lab mice and has not yet been tested on humans. More here

Internet Users More Likely To Lead Healthy Lifestyles

A new study suggests that people who are actively involved online are twice as likely to be involved in colorectal cancer screenings when compared to those who are not. The study consisted of 50 older individuals, and found that those people were also 50% more likely to be physically active, 44% less likely to use tobacco products and 24% more likely to have healthy eating habits. More here

Low Evidence Of Safety Or Effectiveness For Hip Replacement Implants

Researchers have stated that approximately 8% of all hip implants used during replacement surgery contain no evidence regarding the effectiveness or safety. As the rate of failure for metal on metal hip replacements remains high, an increasing number of researchers are looking for better techniques and new revised orthopaedic devices are being developed. Authors of the study said, “this study shows that the need still exists for an improved and more rigorous approach to regulation of devices to avoid devices with no available evidence being used in a widespread and uncontrolled manner.” More here

Acid-Suppressing Drugs May Lead To B12 Deficiency In Seniors

New research has found that individuals who take certain types of acid-suppressing drugs to treat heartburn may be at a high risk of suffering from B12 deficiency. A study was conducted that involved 25,956 adults who have been diagnosed with B12 deficiency from 1997 to 2011, and 184,199 patients who had never been diagnosed with B12 deficiency. The study found that people who take acid-suppressing drugs for two years or longer are 65% more likely to develop B12 deficiency. B12 deficiency can lead to severe problems for older adults such as dementia, anemia and brain damage. More here 

Many Seniors Making Important Medicare Decisions

As open enrollment for Medicare in the United States has closed, many seniors are researching their options and making important medical decisions for 2014. Medicare Beneficiaries with Medicare Part B will have no additional costs added to their premiums or deductibles while individuals with Medicare Part D will experience a 15% decrease in their deductible. Additionally, new services will be added to preventative care such as flu shots, certain cancer screenings and wellness visits. More here

New Device May Relieve Migraine Pain

According to a new report by the Nature World News, individuals who suffer from migraines may have a new device to help relieve the pain. The device is a magnetic tool that stimulates a part of the brain used for eyesight called the occipital cortex. When the occipital cortex is stimulated migraine pain is lessened, according to the study. Researchers have noted that while the device helps relieve pain due to migraines, it may not relieve light sensitivity and nausea. More here

Senior Renter Population Increasing

New research suggests that home ownership may be decreasing and rentals rising as the number of seniors increases. Rentals are projected to grow by 40% over the next 10 years as baby boomers downsize and those age 75 and above need more accessible homes. In 2012, 35% of Americans were renting their homes with 43 million more added by the beginning of 2013. The number of rentals is expected to jump to 4 million to 4.7 million by 2023. More here