DIY Tips From The Pros

In an attempt to save money, many people are taking on home improvement projects themselves. While the thought of doing it yourself and saving hundreds, if not thousands of dollars may be an exciting idea, not all projects should be undertaken without consulting a professional. Experts warn that most DIY projects end up taking up more time, and in the long run can cost more than if you hired a professional. There are a few things to avoid when insisting on doing a home project yourself: Be sure to measure correctly when cutting anything, turn off the water when beginning a plumbing project, let the professionals handle all electrical problems as they can be very dangerous, watch an instructional video or take a class, use correct tools, and ask plenty of questions. More here

Increased Servings Of Fruit And Vegetables May Lower Risk Of Premature Death

According to a recent study published in the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, eating seven servings of fruit and vegetables can decrease the risk of premature death by approximately 42%. The study also states that vegetables may be more important to a healthy diet than fruit. The study, which lasted from 2001 to 2008, consisted of over 65,000 people over the age of 35. Those who ate seven servings of fruit and vegetables per day had a lower BMI, a 25% lower risk of dying from cancer, and had a 31% lower risk of dying from stroke or heart disease when compared to those who ate fewer fruits and vegetables. More here

Healthcare Budgeting Tips For Retirees

Experts have produced a list of tips to help seniors prepare for expensive healthcare costs during retirement, including planning for high premiums. They also advise retirees to prepare for deductibles and coinsurance. It is also recommended to pay consideration to costs that are not covered, such as hearing aids, dentures, and eyeglasses. It was estimated in 2013 that a retiring couple needed $220,000 to pay for healthcare expenses. More here

Weight Loss At Any Age Can Decrease Cardiovascular Risk

A new study published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, states that adults who lose weight at any age can help decrease cardiovascular risk, and improved long-term heart and vascular health. The longer a person has excess body weight, the larger the risk is for cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, thickening carotid artery walls and diabetes. Researchers found that a drop in weight, even if it is regained can help lower these risks. More here

Possible Herbal Treatment For Rheumatoid Arthritis

According to a study published in the Annals of The Rheumatic Diseases, there may be a traditional herbal remedy that will treat rheumatoid arthritis just as well as drug treatments that have been approved by the FDA. The herbal remedy is made up of a Chinese root extract called Triptergium wilfordii Hook F and can help treat joint point. Dr. Eric Matteson, rheumatology chair at Mayo Clinic said, “it actually does show a clinical benefit. I think it is something that deserves further evaluation, without a doubt.” Over 50% of participants in the study who used the root extract showed a significant decrease in joint pain and other rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. More here

Many Lower-Income Americans Not Saving Money For Retirement

According to a recent study from Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research, only 12% of lower-income Americans contribute money into a 401(k) retirement plan. The study, based on a group of people between the ages of 50 and 58 years old with income levels three times the current poverty line. Experts say there are four major factors that contribute to the difficulty of saving money for those with lower incomes. They are lack of employment, lack of eligibility, lack of access, and lack of knowledge. More here

Tips To Prepare Your Home For Severe Weather

As we continue into storm and hurricane season in the U.S., experts have given a few tips to help homeowners be better prepared for strong winds, flooding, and tornadoes. Don’t wait for a warning in your area to gather flashlights, blankets, batteries, radios and water. Speak with your insurance company and ensure your home is properly insured. Secure your home with roof clips, garage door braces and window shutters. Experts also suggest getting rid of dead trees near your home to decrease tree damage to your house or vehicles. More here

Key Reverse Mortgage Considerations

New federal rules have made reverse mortgages a safer choice for a wider range of seniors. An increasing number of financial advisors and experts are now recommending reverse mortgages for seniors needing financial assistance. Advisors are striving to make these loans more attractive to seniors in hopes of growing awareness and knowledge of reverse mortgage benefits. Experts have compiled a list of things to consider when considering a reverse mortgage, such as weighing your costs and future living plans. More here

Men And Women Hold Different Views On Retirement

A recent study by the Society of Actuaries and polling group Mathew Greenwald & Associates concluded that men and women think differently about retirement. The poll shows that men were much more optimistic about their retirement savings than women despite the fact they had less than average savings. Women are said to be more cautious because they typically live longer lives and think about health care costs more. Despite their differences, both men and women are working longer and putting off retirement in order to save money. More here

New Drug Therapy May Combat Severe Allergies

According to a recent article published in The Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology, researchers believe they have found a new and improved drug therapy that can be used to treat severe allergic reactions and allergic diseases. Experts have targeted certain molecules that can aid in the development of new drugs for individuals who suffer from allergies. This is positive news for those who have been diagnosed with severe allergic diseases such as asthma and allergic rhinitis. More here