Head Trauma May Increase Dementia Risk

A new study has found that older adults who have suffered from serious head trauma may be at a higher risk of developing dementia. Serious brain trauma includes internal skull bleeding, fractures and concussions. The study focused on older veterans who had sustained serious head injuries, and veterans who had not sustained serious head injuries, and found a correlation between dementia and those with past head injuries. The study’s lead author, Deborah E. Barnes said, “there have been a fair number of previous studies that have looked at the relationship between TBI and risk of dementia, and some have found an association while others haven’t.” More here

Wood Fireplace And Chimney Maintenance Tips

As the summer months progress, heating a home is the last thing on most minds, but it may be a good idea to start chimney maintenance now in order to get the most effective heat from your wood-burning fireplace during the winter. A few tips that will help you maintain a clean, high-functioning, and safe wood-burning fireplace and chimney are: Professionally clean your fireplace and chimney to decrease creosote build up, inspect the chimney cap and repair if broken- this will keep out unwanted animals, debris and rain. Experts also advise installing a stainless-steel chimney liner and fireproof glass doors for extra safety. More here

What To Expect When Working Into Retirement

These days, more Americans are working in their retirement years. Merril Lynch and Age Wave collaborated on the report “Work in Retirement: Myths and Motivations.” The reports lists key factors to consider when planning for post-retirement employment, such as finding valuable motivation, and knowing what to expect. Primary reasons for working into retirement are financial stability, staying both physically and mentally active, obtaining self worth and for social reasons. According to the study, some perks of working during your retirement age are flexible scheduling and enjoyment, while negatives are stress and boring atmosphere. More here

Laughter Holds Many Health Benefits

A recent study has found that laughing can affect the brain in many positive ways. When laughing, humans use the same part of the brain that is activated during meditation. The study, conducted at Loma Linda University, involved 31 participants who watched videos that would stimulate both laughter and stress. The study reports that while viewing the funny video, the entire brain was activated with high gamma wave activity, increasing dopamine levels. Dr. Lee Berk, the study’s lead author said, “what we know is that gamma is found in every part of the brain and that it helps generate recall and reorganization.” More here

Tips To Help Avoid Energy Savings Scams

As the heat of summer arrives, energy costs are expected to increase along with the number of false ads promising to reduce your energy costs. Experts have compiled a list of ways you can avoid false ads and be protected against lower energy costs scams. A few tips mentioned are: Look for accreditation and/or certification from environmental companies who specialize in energy savings and then verify your findings, exercise caution when dealing with businesses that promise to cut your current bill by a large sum and ask to see the offer in writing, and check out any business offering assistance with the BBB to ensure legitimacy. More here

Activity-Monitoring Devices Could Be Of Great Benefit To Seniors

Activity-monitoring apps and devices could carry considerable benefits for older adults if they were designed to be more usable. These tools can help older adults keep track of their daily activity and help them improve their cognitive abilities, as well as help improve Illnesses like hypertension and diabetes that require patients to be knowledgeable of their exercise routines and diets. According to recent data, many activity tracking devices are not considered readily usable by older adults, and experts advise companies to market their devices to be senior friendly in order to gain more health benefits. More here

Money Saving Landscaping Tips From Experts

As warm weather makes its way into most of the United States, many people are looking for landscaping and lawn-care bargains. Prices change from season to season, and it is always smart to pay attention to value when beginning a project, as costs can add up quickly. Experts have compiled a list of tips to help reduce costs when doing landscaping work. A few tips are: Plan before making any purchases, estimate how much you may spend, try not to buy everything all at once, talk with professionals and accept any advice they may offer, and research prices at many different stores and companies. More here

Amount Of Sleep May Affect Cognitive Ability

A new study states that older people who get approximately six to nine hours of sleep every night may have better cognitive abilities when compared to those who sleep less than six hours or more than nine hours nightly. The study has found substantial evidence suggesting that sleep amount and cognitive problems, such as dementia, may have a direct correlation. The study’s lead author, Theresa E. Gildner said, “we wanted to look at aging, particularly dementia and cognitive decline as people get older, and the importance of sleep. Our results provide compelling evidence that sleep matters a lot. In all six countries, which are very different culturally, economically and environmentally – despite all these differences – you see similar patterns emerging.” More here

Healthcare Costs Fall, Still Considered High

According to recent data, healthcare costs have decreased, though remain high. A new report, published by Fidelity Investments, states that a couple who are both 65 years old and whom both plan to retire this year will need an estimated $222,000 saved in order to pay for future healthcare expenses. The report includes deductibles, co-insurance, and medicare premiums, and does not include over-the-counter medication, dental care, or long-term care. Experts expect healthcare prices to rise again in the near future. More here

Expenses Every Retiree Should Consider Before Moving

A large number of Americans are set to retire in the next couple of years, and many have made plans to either downsize their living areas or move to a more attractive location upon retirement. Moving can be expensive at any age, but during retirement it can be particularly costly. A few expenses to remember when moving during retirement are: Compute commission costs to your real-estate agent when selling your home. Include taxes, insurance, closing costs, and a lawyer fee for certain paperwork when buying a home. Plan for moving-assistance costs, as many can not make the move alone and will need additional help from professionals. More here