Tips To Reduce Water Consumption At Home

With California experiencing the worst drought in hundreds of years, water conservation is becoming a hot topic across the United States. A few simple ways you can reduce the amount of water used in your household are: Water your outdoor plants and grass between the hours of 10:00pm and 6:00am to decrease the evaporation rate. Check your home frequently for small leaks in shower-heads, toilets and faucets. Also, equip your home with water-efficiency devices that are made to increase water conservation. While the appliances or tools may be expensive, your lowered monthly bills will offset the price. More here

Foods That Are Great Sources Of Potassium

Low potassium can cause numerous problems such as cramping, fatigue, and heart problems. It also aids in converting carbohydrates into glycogen or energy. After doing any vigorous activity, it is a smart idea to replenish your body with potassium to help your muscles repair and grow. Most people think immediately of banana when looking for a potassium boost. A few foods that have more potassium in them than a banana are: Sweet Potatoes, a sweet potato that is approximately 5 inches long or weighs around 130 grams has approximately 438 mg of potassium in it. Avocado, just one slice of avocado has 708 mg of potassium. Non-fat plain yogurt is also a great source of potassium. 8 ounces of plain non-fat yogurt has 579 grams of potassium. Yogurt is also a good source of protein. More here

How To Paint Like A Professional

Painting the interior of your home is a big job, but if you know what you’re doing, you can save hundreds by not hiring a professional painter. A few ways you can get a professional look without spending a significant amount of money are: Remove everything out of the room, including light fixtures and floor molding. Purchase a good drop cloth to cover and protect floors. Repair any cracks or dents in the walls and sand them down so the paint can better grip the walls. After sanding the walls, wash the sand dust off with a damp cloth. Prime your walls so the true color of the paint can be seen; it will also ensure the paint is applied smoothly. Lastly, purchase a roller that is lightweight and not too long. The roller should hold paint, but not create too much texture. More here

Active Older Women Have Lower Breast Cancer Risk

New research reports that older women who are physically active have a lower chance of developing breast cancer. Studies show that active women who follow a regular daily activity plan are approximately 10% less likely to develop breast cancer when compared to those who are not as active. Agns Fournier, the study’s author said, “the results of our study are consistent with the World Cancer Research Fund recommendation of walking 30 minutes per day. The study also indicates that engaging in vigorous or very frequent activity is not necessary to receive the protective benefits of exercise.” More here

Botox May Stop Cancer Growth

According to a new report, Botox, a toxin that is usually used to reduce wrinkles, may be able to help patients fighting cancer. Botox is now considered able to stop stomach tumors from growing, and in-turn make chemotherapy more successful. The study has not yet been performed on humans, but experts have great expectations for the drug’s influence on cancerous stomach tumors. Dr. Timothy Wang said, “with everything new in cancer, even if it looks great, when you start to roll it out to patients it always seems cancer is smarter than we are. But I think this has a lot of potential, and in a decade or two, I can see these pathways being targeted.” More here

Many Older Americans Struggle To Eat Proper Meals

Many Americans, age 65 and older, struggle to eat daily balanced meals, according to a study published in the Annals of Emergency Medicine. Seniors who do not receive enough nutrition are at a higher risk of falling and other health problems. Experts believe that many seniors have a difficult time eating due to dental problems, lack of transportation, and depression. There are programs available designed to help seniors who may be having difficulty eating proper meals. More here

Lesser-Known Cities To Consider For Retirement

States such as Arizona and Florida are among the most-popular locations in which to retire, according to research. As reported by, there are other less-known locations that are worthy of exploration. A few cities that are great locations for older Americans are: Greenville, North Carolina, Greenville is a growing city with mild weather and affordable living. Lincoln, Nebraska, Lincoln is a city full of activity with large walking, jogging, and cycling trails, a world-class performing arts center, low cost of living, and great access for Medicare. Huntsville, Alabama, Huntsville is a destination with exceptional heath care, great golfing courses and the median home price is under $140,000. Finally, Jackson, California, Jackson is a quaint town with pleasant weather all year and is located in wine country. The city offers great amenities for seniors, with charging stations for vehicles and lower utility costs. More here

Tips For An Environmentally Friendly Swimming Pool

There are excellent ways to keep your pool well maintained without using harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the earth and one’s health. A few ways to go green with your home swimming pool are: Use salt- salt provides a natural alternative to chlorine and may be easier on your pocketbook, as well. Chlorine causes dry skin, itchy eyes, and even increases the risk of asthma in children. Consider purchasing an energy-efficient pump to help save electricity and money. Go solar- solar covers are a great way to warm your pool without using electricity, and can reduce the rate of evaporation by 95%. More here

Dog Ownership May Benefit Overall Heath

Recent research has shown that dogs may provide numerous health benefits for their owners. Many dog owners get more exercise by taking their dog(s) on walks or runs. Research confirms that dog owners are more likely to receive 30 or more minutes of daily exercise compared to those who do not own a dog. Dog owners also have a lower chance of developing pet allergies and skin conditions, such as eczema, and have improved overall health after owning the pet for approximately 30 days. More here

Tips To Make Your Home Smarter

Smart home-management systems are here and making significant changes and improvements to home life. Smart home systems have been designed to make everyday life easier, but many come at a hefty price. A few systems that can make your house smarter without breaking the bank are: A signal booster, this is an antenna outside of your house that strengthens your smartphone signal, making it approximately ten times stronger. A home management system, this is a relatively inexpensive system that allows you to keep your home safe from burglars while away, and allows you to control the thermostat via smartphone. Lighting system, this allows you to control the timing and intensity of lighting in your home. Water sensors and keyless entry are also interesting options available. More here