Heard About the ‘Senior Nomads’?

Condé Nast Traveler has a profile of the Campbells, a Seattle couple who, after prompting from their daughter, decided to live out their retirement traveling the world using the popular lodging website Airbnb.com. After selling their non-essential possessions, the duo headed to Amsterdam. They’re now 3 years and 47 countries into the experience, and don’t consider their travels an extended vacation, but rather a way to enjoy retirement in an ever-changing set of locales.


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Risk Of Developing Epilepsy After 60

The Houston Chronicle published an important piece on the rising risk of developing epilepsy later in life. Age and health are the primary factors, with those over the age of 60 being particularly susceptible. Older adults with no previous epileptic episodes, may confuse the symptoms with another malady. So, some advance knowledge may be of benefit in the future.Epilepsy



Home Equity for Senior Citizens 16% Above Pre-Recession High

Seniors currently have $5.83 trillion in home equity, which is 16% above the pre-recession peak. Bankrate has a piece today detailing the new data, and what options it offers to senior citizens. President and CEO of the National Reverse Mortgage Lenders Association, Peter Bell, says “”For the millions of seniors without a pension, home equity is a valuable resource and can be an integral part of their retirement funding strategy.”


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Aging In Place Popularity Soars With Boomers

The population of Americans age 65 and older will more than double by 2030. As that age group grows, more and more attention is being paid to aging comfortably—and safely—at home. HomeAdvisor’s recent Aging In Place Survey Report listed adding grab bars in the bathroom or bedroom as the #1 renovation within aging in place projects. The Washington Post has an informative piece on the trend.


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Scam Alert—Don’t Buy Your Puppies From The Internet

This story happened in a suburb of Detroit, but because it’s the internet, it could conceivably happen anywhere. A 70 year-old woman had hoped to replace her recently deceased dog, and stumbled upon an add for teacup poodles online. There were money transfers, and unsurprisingly, no dogs delivered. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals dissuades pet owners from buying online for a variety of reasons.



Take The Stairs For Brain Health

A recent study out of Canada found that fitness, reading and studying all contribute to a sharper mind. Using MRI scans, the researchers found that adults who can climb more flights of stairs, and adults that have a higher level of education, have a “younger” brain. The study also found that for every flight of stairs climbed each day, the physical brain age of the participant was slightly more than a half-year younger.