Areas Where Aging Parents Need Help

Communication seems to be the primary stumbling block when it comes to children of aging parents, and their ability to be of real assistance. Fidelity Investments just released results from a study that could be beneficial for aging parents, and children alike. More, here.


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Study Offers Insight into Social Interaction Among the Aging

ScienceDaily published an interesting report– with information gleaned from the journal Current Biology– examining societal interaction among a group of 100 macaque monkeys, that may help explain aging human behavior. Julia Fischer, the study’s primary investigator said, “older monkeys might spend less time socializing because they find social interactions increasingly stressful and therefore avoid them.” More, here.


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Aging May Slow Benefits of Exercise

Northern Arizona University conducted a recent study comparing men aged 18 to 30 with men 55 and older who exercised on stationary bikes for 30 minutes. The study found that the antioxidant response to exercise slowed with age. More here.



Aging “Not a Problem”, According to Geriatrician

Dr. Bill Thomas, a respected geriatrician, and the author of the author of “Second Wind: Navigating the Passage to a Slower, Deeper and More Connected Life” and “What are Old People For? How Elders Will Save the World”, spoke to a crowd in Nova Scotia about the problems with society’s treatment of the aging population. Dr. Thomas said “Aging is perfectly fine. It’s how we treat older people, how we think about them, what we say about them and what we do to them that is not fine.” The entire article is here.



Fiber Linked to Healthy Aging

A new study, led by Bamini Gopinath of the University of Sydney, followed nearly 1600 people over the age of 49 with no history of cancer, stroke, or heart disease for more than ten years. The results showed that those with the highest fiber intake were 79% more likely to age successfully over those with the lowest fiber intake. Fox News has the article, here.


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healthy bowl with flying cereals and fruit, isolated on white background

Financial Help for Aging Parents

Many aging parents require assistance with matters of finance to protect against expensive mistakes or elder fraud and abuse. Daily money managers can assist in paying bills, budgeting, managing mail, and keeping track of medical and insurance claims. The Wall Street Journal offers some valuable advice on choosing the right program.


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[Video] Modifying a Bathroom for Safety

In continuation of the theme from yesterday’s article, a Virginian television station, WAVY, has a short segment on updating a bathroom to accommodate aging homeowners. Replacing the tub with a seat-shower, avoiding trip-hazards, and grab bars placed properly are among the suggested upgrades. Watch, here.


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3 Resources to Assist with Aging in Place

The Wall Street Journal addresses a reader’s question about whether to move in retirement, or remodel their existing home to address the needs of aging inhabitants. The response cites 3 extensive studies to help homeowners live safely and comfortably on their own as they grow older. More, here.