Latinos’ Slower Aging May Benefit Everyone

Melissa Healy, at the Los Angeles Times, has an article on Latino Americans and their longer-than-average lifespan when compared to non-Latino whites. Native American ancestry appears to be a key component. The study from which these findings came, may help scientists better understand aging. More, here.



Start Fighting Aging Earlier

Sumathi Reddy, writing for the Wall Street Journal, has a piece today on beginning the battle against aging at a younger age. With 5% of all function of the human body diminishing every decade, beginning to address aging —at whatever your current age is—should start now. More, here.


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Everything About Aging

Rafi Letzter, writing for Business Insider, brings attention to a newly published report he calls “the most complete explanation I’ve seen anywhere as to why human beings get old, as well as what we can do to slow the aging process.” More, here.



Coffee and Heart Health

Coffee consumption has been written about quite a bit over the last year. The discovered benefits of a few cups a day extends to Parkinson’s, cancer, and now a York University study attributes coffee with decrease in heart damage. More, here.